2013 Fall Timeline

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End of the Summer 2011 semester (August 2011): Student completely finishes the prerequisite science courses required by medical schools.

September 2011: Student starts to review prerequisite course material and dedicates approximately 8–10 hours per week to intensive MCAT study.

September 2011–April 2012: Student continues intensive MCAT study preparation, studying 8–10 hours per week for approximately 30 weeks. During this time, some students will seek the assistance of a formal, test-preparation course offered by a company such as Kaplan or Princeton Review. Individual preparation for the MCAT varies per student. UMBC does not endorse any particular methodology for MCAT preparation.

November/December 2011: Student attends the Pre-Application Phase kick-off workshop for the upcoming Fall 2013 Cohort (for students who hope to matriculate to medical school in August 2013).

April 2012: If the student is scoring well on practice exams and feels ready to take the MCAT, they could take the exam in either March or April. Please see the AAMC’s MCAT Registration Deadline and Score Release Schedule. UMBC’s pre-health committee requires that all UMBC allopathic and osteopathic medical school applicants take the MCAT (once) before the end of the April that precedes the summer during which applicants submit their AMCAS or AACOMAS centralized applications. This UMBC-specific requirement is congruent with AAMC’s recommendations for MCAT timing. AAMC annually updates their MCAT Exam Schedule. Students are responsible for knowing all AAMC MCAT deadlines and MCAT exam dates. When UMBC students register for the MCAT, they should select the option to release their scores to Ms. Roelke, UMBC’s PreMedical Advisor.

More information about the centralized application services and UMBC’s Health Professions Evaluation Committee requirements are in other sections of this website.

June 2012: Student is ready to begin the Centralized Application Service phase.

June 2012–April 2013: Student completes the Centralized Application Service phase, secondary applications, and medical school interviews. Student waits for acceptance notices from the medical schools.

August 2013: Student matriculates to medical school.

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