Welcome to the 8thSquare Foundation's College Workshop. The intent of this website is to create a College Workshop template that any community group can adopt and use to conduct their own College Workshops. This is a work in progss pregress  progress....

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  • The uniqueness of our approach is that it first teaches students HOW to make good decisions and THEN we discuss how we can make a good decision regarding colleges. 
  • Our approach derives a lot from the work of the Decision Education Foundation and we owe a debt of gratitude to Carl Spetzler, Ron Howard and the founders of the DEF (http://www.decisioneducation.org)

Why 8th Square?:    In Chess:    The knight can jump 3 spaces (over obstacles); The Rook can go across the entire board; The bishop can also criss-cross the entire board; The queen can do it all - except jump over obstacles.  

BUT the pawn - the foot soldier, gains power as it plods up the board - ON THE 8th SQUARE the pawn can become anyone it wants to be. At this moment of metamorphosis, on the 8thSquare - it is the most powerful piece on the board.
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